viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

Rufyikari Jeunesse Instantly Ageless


Rufyikari Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

How To Register As Rufyikari Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Independant Distributor and Buy at Wholesale Prices in your Country?

Go to

Click on JOIN NOW Located at the TOP RIGHT

On the next page SELECT your Language and Region.

Read and Tick the I AGREE box and Continue.

IMPORTANT: On this page make sure the SPONSOR NAME and SPONSOR ID is correct.  Sponsor: mumlolcom

Main Site URL – Here enter any short ID which will become your distributor’s Jeunesse ID (You will use this to login to your Jeunesse Back Office to manage your online business and also buy any products from the Shop in the back office at wholesale prices ! You Save 30%-40%)

Enter your CONTACT INFORMATION (email and phone numbers)


TICK to Select the STARTER KIT ( The price of the starter kit is NOT the same in every Country. Generally it is from $29.95 to $49.95) Check your Country site for current price of the Jeunesse Starter Kit.


You will be taken to the PAYMENT PAGE.

Select Payment Method from the drop-down box.

Debit Card/ Credit Card / Cash etc...

That’s all you need to registering yourself as a NEW INDEPENDANT DISTRIBUTOR with Jeunesse.

Rufyikari Jeunesse Instantly Ageless



SHOW your Jeunesse team how to do the same and how to  login into their account to manage their business and to buy what they want, when they want from the SHOP TAB at Wholesale prices at members area.

Now you just pay for the duplicate website with your name on it and your phone number and finish up. Now you have a website as and you can sign in into the back-office and order products at wholesale prices as many or as little as you wish and save 30%-40% on Jeunesse Products!


  Click Here To Watch More Videos and To Sign Up Today !